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Onyx Bar - Voted Sexiest Bar

Indulge in fine wines, masterfully crafted cocktails, and the finest spirits, all served with a touch of Stringfellows' legendary allure.


In the heart of the club, our restaurant boasts prime seating. Dive into a diverse menu of seafood, steak, grills, and appetizers. Kick off your evening with luxury, from exquisite Caviar to renowned steaks and signature lamb chops.

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Private Dance

We have a variety of private booths for your enjoyment. Enjoy your VIP dances behind the velvet curtain, or enjoy a sit down with an Angel in our specialist karaoke room.

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Cigar Room

Introducing this Spring a Cigar room. With first class ventilation to ensure your cigar experience stays int he Cigar room and its own surround system to enjoy karaoke or your own playlist. Adjoined to our cellar with a fine wine selection for you to peruse.

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